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Cooking rice

Washing rice with hydrogen water removes residual pesticide and oxidized components.
As hydrogen has small particles and strong penetrating force, it helps cooking glutinous
and tasty rice.

Washing fruits and vegetables

Hydrogen water removes agricultural pesticides on the surface of fruits and vegetables.
Storing fruits or vegetables after steeping them in hydrogen water for about 10 minutes
can help maintaining freshness for longer.


As using hydrogen when cooking helps enhancing solubility and penetration power of
seasoning, etc.
by subdivision of water molecules, it helps maintaining original flavors of materials.
Using hydrogen water when cooking make the food soft and smell good.

Coffee, tea

Making coffee or tea with hydrogen water makes the taste soft and smell good.

Washing face

Washing face with hydrogen water can help you make skin healthy and toned.
As hydrogen water has small molecules, it penetrates deep into the skin and provide
moisture effectively.

Washing hair

Washing hair with hydrogen water helps for prevention of hair loss as it removes active
oxygen of scalpand supply moisture. It also helps you maintain hair healthy and glossy.


As hydrogen water is excellent in removing active oxygen and toxins in the body,
it is a great help for a diet.


Constipation gets better and smell of feces vanishes by drinking hydrogen water
improves as intestines becomes healthy.


A reason for infection on the skin is that excessive active oxygen in the body makes
the skin dry by destroying the moisture layer of the skin.
Washing face with hydrogen water and drinking it helps alleviating the itch by removing
active oxygen.

Atopy for children

Atopy for children on their skin can be improved by hydrogen water.
In addition, hydrogen water help children grow healthy.

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